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Canadian Manufacturer of Anchorbolts & Threaded Items

"Friendly Service & Great Deliveries"

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Anchorbolt Warehouse services General Contractors, Construction and Oil & Natural Gas Industry. We have been supplying to the Construction & Sign Industry since 1995. We cut threads from 3/8″ to 4″ diameter, Right Hand & Left Hand,  NC and NF thread pitch build to ASTM Specifications. We have in our stock most Steels: 44W steel ,4140 Steel & Stainless Steel. We provide three options in finishing: : Galvanizing , Cad Plating and Zinc Plating of any Steel item. We also Thread Rebar, Sag Rods/Tie Rods/Brace Rods, Special U-Bolts, Embedded Steel & Shims.
Delivery on stock items within 1 day.


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Type: Straight


Type: Bent


Type: J


Type: U

Anchorbolt Warehouse Ltd
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Canada T6E 4Y7

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